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New Zealand is a pretty sweet place. It’s known as one of the safest, greenest and friendliest countries on earth and when you come to study here, you’ll see why. Students come from all over the world to New Zealand for a taste of our affordable top-quality culinary education, cultural diversity and Instagram-worthy landscapes.


Apart from our stunning landscapes, New Zealand is also famous for the quality of our food and wine, sustainability, organic farming, and traditional techniques that all form part of our rich and diverse food culture.  We love sharing food and making people feel right at home.

When you study at the Culinary Collective, you will get the chance to experience this hospitality, to see the source of some of the best ingredients NZ has to offer, and to taste all kinds of amazing food as part of your practical training.

You will also get to learn at our campuses based in Auckland, the fast-growing city in New Zealand and ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world, or in Hamilton, a vibrant and multi-cultural city in the heart of the Waikato.


Information for International Students

Find out everything you need to know, from how to get a study visa, to looking for accommodation and preparing for study at The Culinary Collective

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The Culinary Collective is New Zealand’s premium culinary school located in Auckland and Hamilton. We are a member of the NZMA family, a Category One Provider, and form part of the largest vocational education group in New Zealand, UP Education.

If you’d like to come to New Zealand and study with us, tap the button below. There are certain entry requirements and English language expectations for studying in New Zealand. We can explain these and help you with them if need be.

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Students need to be 18 years of age or older to study at The Culinary Collective.  You also must meet the requirements of Immigration New Zealand and have a valid student visa to study in the country. Immigration New Zealand offers various visas that allow you to go to school, take a course, or do other training. 

If you want to study for less than three months, you may be able to study with a visitor visa. This can only be used if the time you will study is no more than 12 weeks. If you want to study for longer than this, you need to apply and receive a student visa before you start studying.

A valid student visa for New Zealand needs to have the right details:

- The correct name of the college you plan to study at

- The correct name of the course/qualification you will study

- Name the location of the campus where you will study

- Show a visa expiry date that is in the future

How to apply for a visa

You can apply for your visa by tapping the button or with Immigration NZ. To get a student visa, you need to be enrolled in an approved course at an educational institution that has been approved to offer that course.  If you are already in New Zealand, we can help you with your student visa application at The Culinary Collective campus.

Download a guide to applying for a student visa here and download a student visa checklist here.

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We know you'll have an incredible time while studying with us in New Zealand. However, if you are unhappy about something to do with the course or your experience, you need to tell us. To make a complaint, the first person to talk to is your course tutor. If they cannot resolve your problem you can then take it to the Head of Faculty or the Campus Manager.

They will discuss the problem with you and if necessary any other people involved in an attempt to solve it. If the complaint is unable to be resolved satisfactorily, it can then be taken to the Head of Operations.

If still not resolved by us, then the complaint can be taken to NZQA - the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. This government organisation can offer an independent assessment of your complaint and will either investigate your concerns or advise you what you can do next. You can phone NZQA on 0800 697 296 or visit this website

If you have a financial or contract dispute with us, NZQA will refer it to iStudent Complaints. This is an independent service with experience in helping people to resolve disputes. Learn more about them at https://www.istudent.org.nz

UP Education - International Centre

Email: international@up.education



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