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Whether you want to become a chef or baker, own your own bakery or food business, our number one focus is getting you ready to work in your chosen field.

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The cooking and baking industries are lots of fun and can help you build highly transferable skills. To help you build up valuable work experience, as part of our courses you’ll be placed with a range of cooking, food or baking businesses to complete an internship.
You’ll get real hands on experience working in professional kitchens,  exposure to different culinary techniques, the opportunity to work with different chefs, and to build your industry connections. 

This will really help open doors when you graduate - whether you want to work in New Zealand or in the future overseas.  Plus, many work experience opportunities often lead to full time or part time employment.




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Support to Get Your Career Cooking

We’ll get you work-ready, fine-tune your CV and interview skills and line you up with exciting job opportunities to get your cooking or hospitality career humming. Our careers team and links with employers will help you, whether you’re starting out, plan to work for yourself or want to take your job to the next level in New Zealand or overseas.

We have strong connections with employers and our courses are flexible so you can work while you study.



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