Pallavi Singh

“Studying in New Zealand enabled me to freely explore my passion for baking – rather than the expectations that were set out for me.”

Pallavi Singh flew across the world from India to kick-start her dream career as a pastry chef with The Culinary Collective (TCC) based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Pallavi originally graduated with an engineering and telecommunications degree in India but eventually decided it wasn’t the career path for her.

“Ever since I was a child, I had always enjoyed baking but never thought I could make a career out of it.”

“Growing up, traditional professions like engineering, medicine and law were perceived as prestigious jobs and so I fell into the trap of pursuing a career path that pleased others rather than what I was passionate about.”

“Studying in New Zealand enabled me to freely explore my passion for baking – rather than the expectations that were set out for me.”

“Because I was in a new country, studying at TCC was the perfect way to make new friends, learn in a supportive environment and get to know the industry at my own pace.”

Pallavi says popular western pastries like sourdough and ciabatta aren’t part of the local cuisine in India and so many basic western pastry-making concepts were completely new to her.

“With the guidance of TCC, I was able to learn how to properly work with flour and baking agents using traditional European techniques to make famous pastries like croissants and bon bon chocolates.”

After mastering the foundational skills to succeed in a commercial kitchen, the tutors at TCC helped Pallavi land a part-time role with Amano Bakery – where a collection of passionate, boundary-pushing bread makers challenge the status-quo of pastry-making.

“Juggling study with part-time work at Amano Bakery allowed me to improve my skills in time-management and multi-tasking – allowing me to level up to a Level 5 Diploma in Cookery course with ease.”

With an exceptional work ethic and evident passion for industry, Pallavi landed a role as a Pastry Chef at SIDART, a fine-dining restaurant experience based in the ‘foody’ district of Ponsonby, Auckland.

“I’m relieved I took a chance to move to New Zealand to become a pastry chef.”

“I much prefer being in the kitchen for my job, rather than an office, as I get to meet new people every day and take them on a sensory journey with food.”

Pallavi says her next goal is to own her very own bakery one day – fusing the unique flavours of India with the signature Australasian fine-dining experience.

Pallavi graduated with a Level 4 Certificate in Baking (Generalist) and a Level 5 Diploma in Cookery (Patisserie Strand).