Harjot Singh

Featured in The UP 100 is Harjot – chef at lavish restaurant network Joylab.

Graduate, Harjot Singh, has been featured in The UP 100 – a showcase of 100 exceptional students and graduates achieving education and career success across Australasia and beyond.

Harjot says The Culinary Collective granted him the means to explore his interest in the origins of food — particularly culturally-significant practices that have been honoured for generations.

Born and raised in India, Harjot says New Zealand is the ideal place to become a chef, courtesy of a bounty of fresh ingredients. Harjot especially enjoys working with New Zealand seafood, his specialty being prawns and fish.

He aspires to become a head chef at a renowned seafood restaurant. In the meantime, he’s building an impressive backlog of experience with Joylab; owners of a complete network of lavish, Auckland-based bars and restaurants.

Harjot is committed to being a life-long learner – a philosophy that has served him well throughout his studies and career.