S’bree Barnes

“Without my TCC course, I don’t think I would have properly grasped the skills I needed to succeed in the workforce.”

After almost losing hope that tertiary education was not the right path for her, S’bree Barnes, 22-year-old from Auckland, held her head up high during her graduation speech at The Culinary Collective.

As S’bree reflects on her education journey, she says high school life was unnecessarily hard as she navigated the complexities of an International Baccalaureate Diploma, an A-Level internationally recognised alternative to high school programmes.

“Studying at TCC was a breath of fresh air. It was simple and straightforward, yet very stimulating.”

Through her passion for baking, S’bree has found her sense of purpose in the workforce and in life.

“Without my TCC course, I don’t think I would have properly grasped the skills I needed to succeed in the workforce.”

“TCC helped me understand procedures in more depth, equipping me with the theoretical knowledge behind how ingredients complement each other.”

In just a year, S’bree has become an expert in cake mixing – the foundation to specialising in cookie and cupcake making.

S’bree’s personal speciality in the kitchen is infusing alcohol in her baking – but says her most valuable skill is bringing fun to everything she does.

“Baking is about self-expression, experimentation and putting smiles on peoples’ faces. You’ve got to have fun with it.”

Impressed by her skills and infectious energy in the kitchen, Moustache Milk and Cookie Bar decided to hire S’bree for a permanent position after her internship in 2021.

S’bree flourished in her role. Based in Auckland, Moustache is a nationwide sensation, generating over 50,000 followers on Instagram through its signature caramilk cookies and tiered cookie cakes made with premium New Zealand made ingredients.

“When looking for an internship, look for a job. Look for something that you will enjoy as a career and fits your long-term goals.”

“During my time at Moustache, I learnt how to create a unique product as well as how to market that product on social media to generate sustainable revenue.”

S’bree is now focusing on the next step in her career progression with her very own baked goods business called S’bree’s Sweets.

S’bree dreams of having her very own S’bree’s Sweets store one day – serving good coffee and her signature alcohol infused sweets. For now, she continues to grow her customer base on Instagram.

S’bree graduated with a Level 4 Certificate in Baking (Generalist).